What’s New for 2014?

Northwest Tenkara Sticker

Northwest Tenkara Sticker

I’ve  been a bit quiet for a while now, in part because it is too cold to fish and in part because I’ve been busy making Northwest Tenkara a real entity and have recently formed Northwest Tenkara, LLC.  Expect a change in the site and the addition of guide/instruction services by the time fishing season kicks into gear in the Cascade foothills and eastside streams.

Last year I had a lot of fun teaching some friends, and a few kids, how to fish tenkara and had several other people ask about instruction or guiding so I decided to go for it and give it a shot this season.  I plan to carry all TenkaraUSA rods so that people can try them out if they want to help select gear to buy and I hope to be able to pass on my love of tenkara to others this coming season.

I have some new stickers created, design is on the upper left and they are on my car and van now.  I’ll have some at the Fly Fishing Show in Lynnwood on Feb 15-16 in Lynnwood and hope to have them at Creekside Angling soon too.

NWTenkara-Business_Card2New business card design is done and order placed yesterday too, hopefully some get in by the Fly Fishing Show.

Still have a few things left to get my guide license taken care of by April, primarily insurance and finishing my First Aid/CPR training later this month.   Also waiting for the WDFW meeting to see what happens with my petition to open FF Only waters to Tenkara, that has gathered some support from Daniel at TenkaraUSA so I hope we can sway the board.

Stay tuned….