Tenkara for healing

All my gear ready to go

All my gear ready to go

As some of you know I’ve been dealing with an illness all year long that has my activity levels lowered significantly and put an end to my ability to teach tenkara and guide this season.   It is a GI infection called SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) that is turning out to be very hard to eradicate so I am having to stay on a very restricted diet and limit my movement to under a few miles each day to stem the weight loss from the disease.  I’m very used to going out and running many miles most days and being able to spend an entire day on the water, hiking to various locations and fishing many hours so this has been a very tough adjustment.

This summer I’ve finally gotten more stable and am on a new treatment protocol that I hope is going to work.  I have been encouraged by my doctor to spend some time outdoors each day but still to keep my activity level down.  Tenkara has been the perfect activity for me and I am so grateful that I found it last year because it is keeping me sane at the moment.  For me tenkara has truly been a gift from heaven, especially this year.

I try to get out almost daily since I live on the Raging River and have the Snoqualmie Forks and the Tolt within a few minutes drive from our house.   I only fish for about 60 minutes each day and tend to only walk about 1/4 mile in doing so.  Not having all the normal fly fishing gear to deal with makes it so efficient.   I get out of the car, put on my wading shoes and belt with my little bag attached and am fishing within a few minutes since I now leave at least one rod, usually the Rhodo,  strung up and ready to go in my car.    I switched to a One Fly practice this year too so I don’t even have to think about switching patterns, I just spend that hours totally focused on fishing a small stretch of water as best I can and, so far, I’m hooking a fair number of fish on each short outing.   Even when I was unable to fish early in the season I found that tying kebari or even dreaming of fishing tenkara helped me relax and deal with my symptoms better.

Now to just heal up all the way so that I can get back on my plan of guiding and teaching tenkara by next season.