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Lake Tenkara

1175486_10151709433067530_998173809_nOur annual family vacation is held in a lakeside house at the Wilson Ranch in Mazama where it is only steps to a small private lake that holds rainbow, brown and tiger trout.   I’ve fished this lake for the last decade with a western rod and this year I did pack a 4-weight but also packed my Amago for the lake and an Iwana for the small creeks in the vicinity.   I vowed to use tenkara and only pull out the western rod if I wasn’t catching fish.   I never had to pull out the western rod.

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Fishing in Bathtubs

OK, not really fishing in a bathtub but fishing bathtub sized pools in rivers.  After taking up Tenkara this year I began searching out smaller waters and smaller sections of bigger waters looking for trout and have been pleasantly surprised by what I have found.

Today was a great example.  I was on the Middle Fork and the really nice corner run I wanted to fish was just so windy that I couldn’t control my line well with the wind blowing straight upstream on me.  I managed a few fish but was getting frustrated so I moved downstream to check out the next spot where a long riffle ended and dropped into a pool.  What I found was that the riffle did drop well but on my side the current was pushing into the bank and got deep fast so I really needed to fish from the other side to fish it well but didn’t want to cross into someones back yard to fish.  Looking at the shore from where I was in the riffle I found a spot about the size of a bathtub that had some good rocks and depth, I figured there was probably one fish there.  A few casts and I had a grab but missed.  Next cast another grab and I was into what turned out to be my biggest Middle Fork cutthroat of the year so far, a nice 14″ fish.  I sort of figured he was king of the little pool but made a few more casts.  Wham, another grab and another nice 11-12″ cutt to hand.   A few more casts, wham, another fish.  What the heck.  By the time I was done I had landed four, lost two and missed another two in this little run.

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