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Rhodo Review

IMG_4643In February at the Fly Fishing Show in Lynnwood I picked up the new Rhodo rod from the Tenkara USA booth.  I couldn’t wait to try this rod out but had to wait quite a while before the local rivers opened and then got low enough to fish.   Once I got out with it though the Rhodo quickly became my favorite tenkara rod and the one I have used the most this season so far.

The Rhodo is a Triple Zoom rod that was designed for small waters with tight casting situations. It would excel back in the rhododendron lined Smokey Mountain streams where it got its name from.   I live on a fairly small river in Western Washington, really a creek during the trout season and a real river when the rains and salmon show up in the fall.   The trout are small and there is a lot of brush to contend with so it was the perfect location for me to first fish the Rhodo.  It has since become the only rod I use on this stream and other small streams in the area.

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