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Oops, they did accept the proposal!

I made a mistake this morning, the DFW did indeed accept the proposal as is they just did not modify the rules.  Looking at the Proposal Page you can see the Final Rule Actions as:

Final Rule Actions

Staff Recommendation
Adopt as proposed.

Commission Action
Adopted as proposed.

Rule Modifications

So, we can indeed fish tenkara at Rocky Ford, Chopaka and a few of the other Fly Fishing Only waters.  I had only read the “What’s New” section in the new booklet and the definitions section where they hadn’t yet changed the wording of Fly Fishing Only.    Tenkara IS legal in Washington! 



Fly Fishing Only still does not allow Tenkara

After the whole campaign last year to get Fly Fishing Only regulations changed in Washington State to allow tenkara it appears that the proposal got rejected at some level, the wording is still the same in the 2015 regulations:

Fly Fishing Only In “Fly Fishing Only” waters, an angler may use only the following tackle: up to 2 flies, each with a barbless single-point hook, not to exceed 1⁄2″ from point to shank, and a conventional fly line (other line may be used for backing or leader if attached to at least 25 feet of fly line). Anglers may not use fixed spool reels, bait, or weight attached to the leader or line. Only knotless nets may be used to land fish.

An angler with a disability, who has been issued a special use disability permit and has it in
their possession, may fish in “Fly Fishing Only” waters with spin casting gear, with a casting bubble, and may use an electric motor while fishing on “Fly Fishing Only” lakes where fishing from a boat is allowed. All other restrictions listed above still apply.

I never heard a word back from DFW about this decision, even from the biologist who assured me that this would probably go through with no problem.   It really doesn’t impact much water at the moment since Selective Fisheries waters are open to tenkara but still, it is the principle of the matter.


Let’s make tenkara legal

Last winter I discovered that tenkara wasn’t legal on Fly Fishing Only waters in Washington and put forth a proposal to get that rule changed.   The proposal got brought up at the Board of Director’s meeting and was basically put off until the standard rule change procedure that happens every summer.   So, now is the time for that procedure.

From now until Oct 16 the proposal is up for public comment.  Here is the text of the proposal:

Rule Change Recommendation Short Title
# 4. Tenkara fly fishing gear

Rules Category
Not region specific

Type of Rule Change Proposal

Short Description
Modify the definition of “Fly Fishing only” waters to include Tenkara fly fishing gear.

Tenkara fly fishing uses a long limber rod with a braided Tenkara fly line permanently attached to the tip of the rod. Tenkara fly lines vary in length from 12 to 25 feet with an additional leader attached. This technique is gaining in popularity and is not legal to use under the current “fly fishing only” rules. It is disqualified from use because of the term “conventional fly line”. Using the term Tenkara in the rule will clearly define the type of fly line is required to comply with the rule change.

So, what can you do to help make this proposal pass?  Go to the Sportfishing Rule Adoption Process page and make your comment on why tenkara should be allowed on Fly Fishing Only Waters in Washington State.   If enough of us get on board with the proposal we should be allowed to legally fish our Amagos and Yamames on Rocky Ford in 2015.



Will Tenkara become Legal in WA FFOnly Waters?

The Department of Fish & Wildlife commission met on Friday to discuss my petition to allow Tenkara in FFOnly waters in Washington State.  You can hear the commissioner discussion one of two ways:

My summary of the discussion is that they don’t want to take action now but want to move the issue to the normal rule making process which takes place in the summer.   One commissioner thought that tenkara would be approved in FFOnly waters during the normal rule making process which is encouraging though another cautioned against making any judgement as to what would happen during the recreational rule making process.  The general rule making process will allow public comment so it will be important that we get together and make comments at that time.  I’ll be posting reminders on my blog, Twitter and Facebook.    Here is the official summary statement from DFW which took forever to come up with those two summary statements.

Legalize It

No, not that it, we already did that in Washington.   So while I could legally get high if so inclined I can’t legally fish my tenkara rod on Rocky Ford.   I decided to take action and petition the state to change their Fly Fishing Only regulations to allow tenkara.   Last month I filled out the petition form and sent a letter to WDFW concerning this issue:

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In Washington, Tenkara != Fly Fishing

protestLast week after reading a blog post on TenkaraBum I asked a question I’d never even considered before – Is Tenkara Legal?   At the time I wrote the post I wrote to WDFW to see what their take was.  I was sort of hopeful after reading some responses from Oregon and Idaho officials that were posted on Facebook.  After a week of waiting I got a response back from WDFW and it is pretty clear that in Washington tenkara is illegal in Fly Fishing Only waters.   Here is the full response. 


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Is Tenkara Legal???

illegaltenkaraThis is a question I had never even thought to ask until a post appeared on Facebook this morning from the TenkaraBum blog on Fly Fishing Only regulations in New Hampshire.  Evidently the regs there require a reel as they also do in Connecticut and Pennsylvania and probably other states.   I dug out the regulations book for Washington that I generally never bother to look at.

Most of the water I fish is either designated Fly Fishing Only or Selective Gear – what do those terms mean?