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New Kebari Tying Section

kebari-300When winter hit I hunkered down and got ready for tying.   I decided to start photographing and videoing all the kebari I was tying.  I then assembled it all into an iOS app for iPad and iPhone which actually had turned out pretty cool.   Apple, however, did not agree and rejected the app on the grounds that it was just a book.   Oh well, now there is a new Kebari section on the site that contains all the materials, you just don’t get the cool icon on your phone.


Ready to Tie!

The kebari factory is open

The kebari factory is open

After getting my gear ready for winter I decided to clean up my fly tying desk.   This was a larger undertaking than I had anticipated.  I had the entire desk top covered with stuff to tie kebari, saltwater patterns, steelhead patterns and some miscellaneous bright stuff that my granddaughter likes to use.   I put everything away in its appropriate tupperware box, vacuumed and then set out everything I need for what will be more kebari than I will possibly use next season.   It actually isn’t much material wise since I only fish a few kebari.

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Tying the Adams Ishigaki Kebari

The kebari I use second to the GRHE Sakasa Kebari is the Adams Ishigaki Kebari, a fly that combines the ever popular Adams dry fly with the Ishigaki Kebari.   It is a very simple kebari to tie that uses very few materials.   The fly fishes great on the surface even without floatant but also is very effective as a damp swinging pattern.

Materials list is minimal, just like tenkara:

Hook:    Dry fly hook #14-16
Thread:  Gray 6/0
Hackle:  Grizzly dry fly hackle, one size larger than hook
Body:    Muskrat dubbing

Here is the video that I shot as  part of the Tenkara Tie-A-Thon for the Colorado flood victims: