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simpleflyfishingI was a bit skeptical of Yvon Chouinard’s new book, Simple Fly Fishing: Techniques for Tenkara and Rod & Reel,  when I saw a video trailer on YouTube showing Yvon casting a TFO tenkara rod just like a western fly rod.  I bought the book anyway as soon as it was on the iBookStore and got through it pretty quickly in a few days between unpacking boxes.

My take – this is a book on western fly fishing with a tenkara rod or a western rod & reel, not really a book about traditional tenkara.   Chouinard and company recommend short tenkara rods in the 8.5-11.5′ range, use floating level running line for lines, use 8-9′ leaders, and teach casting with a western grip.  Given the 100 or so fly patterns in the book they also do not adhere to the one-fly philosophy of tenkara.  In fact, not one fly pattern in the book is a traditional kebari, all are western fly patterns designed as attractors or hatch matchers.

The book could be good for a true novice wanting to learn about fly fishing and maybe get started with a tenkara rod but it is still too complicated for my tastes and really is about using a tenkara (or tenkara-like) rod for western fly fishing instead of embracing the true spirit of tenkara.    As for me, I’ll stick with my long tenkara rods and the two or three kebari that I use for the vast majority of my trout fishing.

Next up, the new Gierach book and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed there.


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