Rivers still dropping

I reported last week when the rivers were low, now they are getting really low and warming up to boot.  I was out the last two days on different sections of the Middle Fork and the river was no longer cold, even at 8 a.m.   Here are the current flows:

Middle Fork         159    18% of normal
South Fork           97    30% of normal
North Fork           40    15% of normal
Tolt                124    50% of normal
Cedar               377    89% of normal

Still the Tolt and Cedar with reservoirs are doing the best of the local rivers and still feel cold.  Both are even up a bit from last weekend.  The South Fork amazingly is up from last week too by quite a bit, it went from 53 to 97 so this must be the last of the snow melt up the pass.  The Middle Fork and North Fork are down from last week.

I read this week that our warm trend is expected to last through September of 2016!  Yes, you read that right, 15 months from now.  We are also expected to be drier than normal for most of this time.   Going to be rough for the fish in the area for sure.