Ready to Tie!

The kebari factory is open

The kebari factory is open

After getting my gear ready for winter I decided to clean up my fly tying desk.   This was a larger undertaking than I had anticipated.  I had the entire desk top covered with stuff to tie kebari, saltwater patterns, steelhead patterns and some miscellaneous bright stuff that my granddaughter likes to use.   I put everything away in its appropriate tupperware box, vacuumed and then set out everything I need for what will be more kebari than I will possibly use next season.   It actually isn’t much material wise since I only fish a few kebari.

What is on my desk you may ask?

  • #12-14 Umpqua Competition C300BL hooks
  • #14-18 Daiichi 1190 dry fly hooks
  • Griffin silk BeadCord No. 2 in brown and gray for eyeless kebari
  • 6/0 thread in tan, gray and black
  • X-Small gold oval tinsel
  • Hare’s mask
  • Muskrat dubbing
  • Male ringneck pheasant rump & tail
  • Hen ringneck pheasant feathers (can’t find a skin at all)
  • Grizzly hen neck
  • Grizzly and brown dry fly necks
  • Peacock herl

That is it, all I need to tie my trout kebari for next year.   I could probably cut a few of these things out, like dubbing but I like the extra bugginess that dubbing gives to my GRHE Sakasa Kebari and the extra floatation it gives to the Adams Ishigaki pattern.   I could stick with just the male ringneck like I did last year but I wanted to try out the hen feathers, a bit more subtle in color and a bit softer.