One Fly to Rule them All

grhe-step-9Last year when I started fishing tenkara I was soon hooked and decided to give up my Western fly rods for the season and just focus on tenkara.   I stuck to being pretty traditional and only fished kebari and pretty much only three or four patterns all season.   This season I’ve decided to go all in and do the One Fly approach.   I hadn’t really started out planning on doing this but found that I’d just been fishing only one fly for a few weeks.  Then I read Daniel’s post on Gink & Gasoline about the Single Fly Approach and decided to just go for it.   I’m only able to get out on the water an hour or so at a time at the moment so simplifying and taking one more decision out of the equation lets me just focus on making the most of my fishing time.

My one fly – my GRHE Sakasa Kebari.  This has been my goto fly since I started fishing tenkara and find it works in most any situation.  I know when fish are rising I’ll wish I had an Adams Ishigaki Kebari but I think the GRHE has more action when fished most ways and thus is a better all around pattern.   I get fish on it dead drifting, pulsing, swinging and even on the surface if I can keep it dry and floating.   So far I’ve caught rainbows, cutthroat and brook trout on it in four local rivers with fish ranging from 3-15″ so I figure it is working.   I tie the fly in #12 and #14 currently but will probably tie a few in #16 for the days when the fish are skittish and maybe a #10 for lakes or on the Yakima where I can get by with a bigger fly.