New Rule – Always carry a Tenkara rod

Yesterday I went steelhead fishing during the middle of the day since my local river had dropped and the weather was beautiful for a late November day.  I had seen a nice steelhead the day before when out for a walk but had no gear.  So I grabbed my winter steelhead rod, a 14′ 9-weight spey rod, a pile of big gaudy flies and headed to the river again.  I carefully fished two runs with no grabs at all but it was such a nice day and temps had gotten up in the mid 50’s.

As I was finishing up on the second run I saw a few mayflies coming off the water.  Then a few more.  Then a splashing sound.  Hmmm, I look around and then it happens again – a trout rises and grabs an emerging mayfly.   A few more rises happened in the slow water at the edge of the run I was on but what was I to do, all I had was a  9-weight spey rod and 4″ flies.   I was carrying my tenkara rod when summer steelheading and used it a few days when I’d get trout swinging a small summer steelhead pattern but I assumed in winter no need.  Well, I was obviously wrong and from now on will be carrying a tenkara rod whenever I’m on the water.