A month of One Fly

GRHE Sakasa Kebari collection - #12, 14, 16

GRHE Sakasa Kebari collection – #12, 14, 16

On June 23 when the waters finally dropped to near normal summer flows I started fishing my GRHE Sakasa Kebari and haven’t changed flies since that day.  It took a few weeks to decide to just stick with one pattern all year but I finally made the commitment to it and have stuck with it for a month now.   This is prime time for fishing in the PNW so I’ve managed to get out 20 out of those 30 days even though I can only fish for about 45-60 minutes on any day.  That means I’ve gotten to put this one fly in front of a lot of fish on four different rivers so  far.

What have I learned.  First, fish will eat this fly.  I haven’t been skunked yet in any of these 20 outings using the GRHE Kebari.  Second, size can matter.  A few days ago I started with my usual #12 on the Middle Fork and had several fish come up to the fly and then reject it.  There were some bugs coming off the water, luckily tan ones, and they were a bit smaller so I finally cut it off and put on a #14.  Wham!  Fish on!    Third, presentation does matter.  I’ve fished up through a run drifting the fly and having no grabs at all.  At the top of the run I’ll turn around and swing the fly through and wham!  Fish on!   Mixing up the presentation can make all the difference in the world, probably more important than size.   Fourth, fly tying becomes very easy.  I know exactly what fly to tie and I just do some different sizes of it.  Right now I’m using #12-16 and haven’t resorted to a BH version but may have to when the waters cool in the later fall.

I haven’t encountered a real hatch yet where trout are keyed on one insect on top, that would be the real test.  There was a group of fish rising on the South Fork one day and by lifting the #14 GRHE I was able to induce them to grab the fly so the presentation seemed to work.  I have yet to get a fish to rise to the fly on the surface though but I’m sure it will happen soon.  We are getting hammered with storms today and the Raging in my yard has gone up by 50% already in just a few hours so it may be a few days for the rivers to drop before I get to continue on my one fly quest for the season.  Unlike Paul Puckett’s One Fly experience I don’t consider mine to be a bad decision, so far it is working out well for me.