Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show 2014

The TenkaraUSA booth at the show

The TenkaraUSA booth at the show

Last year I discovered tenkara at the Fly Fishing Show, watching Daniel do his casting presentation and then talking to the crew at the booth afterwards.   I went home and ordered my first tenkara rod, an 11′ Iwana which I figured was perfect for the small rivers in the area.  The first time I fished it I was hooked and never went back.

This year the show again was in Lynnwood at the Convention Center and I showed up at 9 a.m. just as it was opening on Saturday morning.  On my drive up another CrossTrek pulled up next to me and was hovering by my side in the lane to my left, I finally looked over, it was Lex on his way to the show too.   Once there we ran into some Orvis shop workers and hit the show after fighting with the kind of poor tablet interface to enter your raffle number.

The TenkaraUSA booth was hopping most of the time I was there on Saturday morning, it seemed like there were always a few people asking questions or buying rods.   I finally got to re-meet Daniel and TJ for real this year and chatted with Chris and Craig who were working the booth.  Daniel did a casting demo from 10-11 and I caught most of it as a refresher from last year, plus a good overview for me since I’ll be teaching people this year.   I finally got to check out the Sato and Rhodo rods too, pretty amazing and there will be a review soon.  I quickly decided that the Rhodo would be my new “home” rod for fishing the Raging River in the back yard once we move and the season opens in June.   I went back Sunday morning to get the Rhodo and now am itching to get out and fish with it.

Cutthroat Leader Co. was also there with Tenkara Lines.  I bought at 18′ line to try with my Amago this year.  Also bought a saltwater furled leader to try out on reds and bones when I’m down in the Keys.

Saw some old friends and guides at the show, bought an Olive book for my grandson’s birthday in a few weeks and checked out the rest of the show.   The show is definitely smaller than previous years and didn’t seem quite as crowded either, especially on Sunday.   It was the first year I didn’t attend any of the seminars but I’d heard most of them before at some point and after 24 years living in the Northwest pretty much know where and how to fish.