Lake tenkara

FullSizeRenderThe rivers are still a bit high and cold here in the PNW but the lakes have been HOT to say the least.  In the last few trips I’m averaging about 25-30 fish per hour on dry flies, it has been crazy. These are all baby steelhead that were stocked into the lakes last fall to clear out the hatcheries and these fish are aggressive and put up a pretty good fight, jumping repeatedly on the way in.   Today the sun came out, the weather was warm and I decided to head back to the lake but instead of packing my 4-weight I packed my Sato.


The big issue with lake tenkara is the length of your cast.  I’d been casting 30-40′ on average for these trout but I figured if I got out to a spot and sat still long enough that trout would begin rising around me or swimming around me and then I could cast to them.  I left my longer lines at home so only had a 13.5′ line with me which gave me about a 20-24′ range from my tube.  Patience paid off, I’d get to a spot I’d seen some fish, wait a bit and when the fish began to move again I’d cast.  I would just lightly twitch my kebari a few times and wham, fish on.   It was a blast and I got a few strange looks but was out fishing everyone close to me and I couldn’t even make a long cast.   I  got every fish either on top or just as the fly pulled under the surface so got to see every single strike.  Even got a few decent holdover fish that had some weight to them which was fun to deal with in a lake where they want to run deep but the Sato just bent over and protected the tippet.   What a blast.   Not only did a get a few dozen fish in an hour but technically I caught steelhead on tenkara today.