Takayama Sakasa Kebari

takayma-step-9Named for a city in Gifu prefecture.  This sakasa kebari style adds a peacock herl collar in back of the hackle.  Again, varying the thread color and hackle leads to a wide variety of kabari.




Hook:   #12-14
Hackle: Soft Hackle
Thread: 6/0
Collar: Peacock Herl

Video Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions


1. Attach thread to hook at eye, create a head by wrapping back  around 10-12 wraps, back to the eye and back again.


2.  Prepare a soft hackle feather by stripping off the fluff at the back of the feather. Pull back the fibers from the top for a tie in area.


3. Tie in the hackle with the tip behind the head and the concave side of the feather pointing down.  Note: The feather can also be tied in with the tip facing the eye and the concave side up, it is equivalent and I’ve tied both ways, I find it quicker to tie in this way so the tip doesn’t need trimmed up also.


4. Trim the hackle tip then wind the hackle using the stem, stroking the fibers forward to create a cone shape of the hackle.  Tie off the stem and any loose fibers.


5. Clip the hackle stem and loose fibers.


6.  Wind thread to the bend of the hook to start the body.  Wind forward and back a few times to create a tapered body.  Stop in back of the hackle.


7.  Tie in a peacock herl behind the hackle.


8.  Wind a collar of peacock herl up against the hackle.


9.  Whip finish in back of the collar and trim thread.