Takayama Midge Kebari

midge-step-8The Takayama Midge is simply a Takayma Sakasa Kebari tied on a small #16-18 dry fly hook.  Could be tied with a variety of thread colors but black works well.   I have had a few days where fish would not take my normal sized kebari and had to go small to get them to take.



Hook:    #16-18, dry fly
Thread:  Black 6/0
Hackle:  Grizzly hen 
Collar:  Peacock herl

Video Instructions

Step-By-Step Instructions


1.  Attach thread to hook at eye, wrap back around 10-12 wraps.


2.  Prepare a grizzly hen hackle by pulling off the fluff at the base, tie in by the tip with a small amount of fiber for hackle.


3.  Trim the hackle tip.  Wind the hackle for two to three wraps, stroking the fibers so they cup out in front of the hook.  Tie down and trim.


4.  Create a thin body with thread by winding to the bend of the hook and back to just before the hackle.


5.  Tie in a peacock herl.


6.  Wind a collar of peacock herl up against the hackle.  Tie down and trim.


7.  Whip finish behind collar and trim thread.