Pheasant Tail Kebari

pt-step-12This kebari is a blend of the Western Pheasant Tail nymph with a Takayama  Sakasa Kebari.  It uses phesant tail fibres for the body and a copper wire rib taken from the nymph pattern.  I like this in smaller sizes and also tie a bead-head version for early and late in the season.



Hook:   #12-16
Thread: Brown 6/0
Hackle: Pheasant Rump
Body:   Pheasant Tail fibers
Rib:    Copper Wire
Collar: Peacock Herl

Video Instructions

Step-By-Step Instructions


1.  Attach thread to hook at eye, create a head by wrapping back  around 10-12 wraps, back to the eye and back again.


2. Prepare a soft hackle and tie in with the tip facing back and the concave side of the feather pointing down.


3.  Trim the hackle tip then wind the hackle, stroking the fibers forward to create a cone shape of the hackle.  Tie off stem and trim.


4.  Wind thread back to the bend of the hook, attaching copper wire while doing so.


5.  Tie in 3-5 pheasant tail fibers by their tips.


6.  Wind thread up to in back of the hackle.


7.  Wind pheasant tail fibers forward to create a tapered body, tie off and trim.  It helps to keep ahold of the fibers before trimming so they don’t get mixed in with the hackle.


8.  Wind the copper wire forward to create an evenly segmented body, trim wire.


9.  Tie in a piece of peacock herl behind the hackle.


10.  Make 3-4 wraps of the herl to create a collar in back of the hackle, tie down hearl in back of collar.


11.  Trim herl and whip finish, trim thread.