GRHE Sakasa Kebari

grhe-step-9This kebari is a blend of a Western Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear nymph and an Amano Sakasa Kebari.  This is my goto fly for the majority of my fishing.  It has a buggy look that trout just can’t seem to resist.




Hook:   #12-14
Thread: 6/0 Tan
Hackle: Hen or Rooster Pheasant
Body:   Hare's Mask Dubbing
Rib:    X-Fine Gold Oval Tinsel

Video Instructions

Step-By-Step Instructions


1.  Attach thread to hook at eye, create a head by wrapping back  around 10-12 wraps, back to the eye and back again.


2.  Prepare a soft hackle feather by stripping off the fluff at the back of the feather. Pull back the fibers from the top for a tie in area.


3.  Tie in the hackle with the tip behind the head and the concave side of the feather pointing down.


4.  Trim hackle tip then wind the hackle for three wraps, stroking the fibers so they cup out in front of the hook.  Tie off stem.


5.   Trim hackle stem.  Wind thread back to bend of hook, securing gold oval tinsel as you wind back.


6.  Wax thread and apply hare’s mask dubbing.


7.  Dub forward to hackle to create a nicely tapered body.


8.  Wind tinsel forward to create an evenly segmented  body.


9.  Whip finish in back of the hackle and trm thread.