Eyeless Kebari

eyeless-step-8Traditionally kebari were tied on hooks that did not have eyes but instead used silk loops to create an eye.  A silk eye can be added to any kebari to give it a more traditional look.


Hook:   #12-14 with eye clipped or an eyeless hook
Eye:    Griffin's Bead Cord No. 2
Thread: 6/0
Hackle: Soft hackle of choice

Video Instructions

Step-By-Step Instructions


1.  Attach thread at front end of hook, wrap back 10-12 wraps.


2.  Create a small loop with the bead cord, tie down at the end of the thread wraps.


3.  Wind therad forward to end of hook and back again to secure the loop, trim excess silk.


4.  Tie in the hackle with the tip behind the head and the concave side of the feather pointing down.


5.  Trim the hackle tip then wind the hackle using the stem, stroking the fibers forward to create a cone shape of the hackle.  Tie off the stem and any loose fibers, trim.


6.  Create a tapered body of thread from the hackle to the bend of the hook and back again.


7.   Whip finish in back of the hackle and trim.