Adams Ishigaki Kebari

adams-step-7This kebari as a blend of the Western Adams and the Ishigaki Kebari.   It uses the same gray/grizzly as Dr. Ishigaki but adds a dubbed body to add to floatation for use on the surface.  I use this as a dry fly but also fish it ‘damp’ and it works especially well swinging across current in the surface film or just under the surface.


Hook:   #14-16, dry fly
Thread: Gray 6/0
Hackle: Grizzly Dry Fly
Body:   Muskrat or Adams Dubbing

Video Instructions

Step-By-Step Instructions


1.  Attach thread to hook at eye, wrap back around 10-12 wraps.


2.  Tie in the hackle with the curved side facing up.


3.  Wrap a few turns of thread in back of the hackle.


4.  Wind the hackle for three wraps, stroking the fibers so they cup out in front of the hook.


5.  Tie off the hackle and trim.  Wind thread to the bend of the hook.


6.  Add dubbing to the thread and wind forward to form tapered body ending at the hackle.


7.  Whip finish in back of the hackle, trim thread.