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A new kebari – the Chukar Kebari

Our first chukar

Last week Lira and I were out pheasant hunting when she went on point and a small bird flew up.  I figured it was a quail since she’d pointed a few quail this year and I knew there were quail in the area at times so I shot.  When she was carrying the bird back I realized she’d just pointed her first chukar and it was the first one I’d shot.   I plucked the bird to roast it for dinner, which was one of the best game birds we’ve eaten, I highly recommend them.   I stuck all the feathers in a ziploc and today finally got around to looking at them and decided to tie some flies and see how they looked.   Thus the birth of the Chukar Kebari.


I decided to go with burnt orange thread for the fly in honor of the chukar’s orange beak and legs.  For the body I used muskrat which has a gray to tan coloration exactly like the chukar.  The hackle is a chukar flank feather tied in traditional reverse hackle style.   I’m pretty happy with the fly, I think it will be a winner next season.    If I can get a few more chukar before the season ends I may make this my fly for next season and see how it goes.  If not,  I have plenty of pheasants for my usual GRHE Kebari.   I love being able to tie all my tenkara flies from birds that my dog has found and I have shot.