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Oops, they did accept the proposal!

I made a mistake this morning, the DFW did indeed accept the proposal as is they just did not modify the rules.  Looking at the Proposal Page you can see the Final Rule Actions as:

Final Rule Actions

Staff Recommendation
Adopt as proposed.

Commission Action
Adopted as proposed.

Rule Modifications

So, we can indeed fish tenkara at Rocky Ford, Chopaka and a few of the other Fly Fishing Only waters.  I had only read the “What’s New” section in the new booklet and the definitions section where they hadn’t yet changed the wording of Fly Fishing Only.    Tenkara IS legal in Washington! 



Fly Fishing Only still does not allow Tenkara

After the whole campaign last year to get Fly Fishing Only regulations changed in Washington State to allow tenkara it appears that the proposal got rejected at some level, the wording is still the same in the 2015 regulations:

Fly Fishing Only In “Fly Fishing Only” waters, an angler may use only the following tackle: up to 2 flies, each with a barbless single-point hook, not to exceed 1⁄2″ from point to shank, and a conventional fly line (other line may be used for backing or leader if attached to at least 25 feet of fly line). Anglers may not use fixed spool reels, bait, or weight attached to the leader or line. Only knotless nets may be used to land fish.

An angler with a disability, who has been issued a special use disability permit and has it in
their possession, may fish in “Fly Fishing Only” waters with spin casting gear, with a casting bubble, and may use an electric motor while fishing on “Fly Fishing Only” lakes where fishing from a boat is allowed. All other restrictions listed above still apply.

I never heard a word back from DFW about this decision, even from the biologist who assured me that this would probably go through with no problem.   It really doesn’t impact much water at the moment since Selective Fisheries waters are open to tenkara but still, it is the principle of the matter.