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My one fly for 2015

amano-step-7After last season’s successful One Fly experiment I’ve decided to simplify things even more in 2015.  I realized part way through the season that the fish were eating kebari that were totally munched and that the dubbed body and gold rib probably didn’t really matter as much to the fish as they did to me.  So this year I’m doing away with them.  Sticking to nothing  but a hook, thread and a soft hackle – my fly for 2015 is just going to be an Amano Sakasa Kebari.  One day soon  I need to get tying to fill a box with these for the season.

Did tenkara make me a better steelheader?

Snoqualmie winter hen

Snoqualmie winter hen

I’ve been steelhead fishing for most of the time I lived in the PNW but it took me a LONG time to catch that first steelhead on the fly and then I “cheated” by getting it on a nymph on the Deschutes.  In fact, I got 4 steelhead one afternoon from the same run nymphing which is crazy.  After I got that out of my system I went to only swinging flies on spey and switch rods and I’ve never gone back.   I used to get out a lot when our local rive still had a summer run and would get 2-3 summer fish per season there along with usually getting fish on the Deschutes whenever I went and often summer fish on the Methow or Wenatchee once these opened.

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