Monthly Archives: December 2014

My year of tenkara

IMG_4591What a year, while I was sick most of the year and could only get out briefly on any given day, once I was able to get out I did a lot of it and it helped a lot with my healing.   I spent 86 days fishing tenkara on the small streams and rivers within about 10 minutes of my house – the Snoqualmie Forks, the Tolt, the Raging and a few small tributaries of these.   I never once picked up Western fly rod to fish trout on these streams and I did all my fishing with one fly, my GRHE Sakasa Kebari.    The Tolt ended up being my most fished river with 24 days, followed by the Middle Fork with 22 and the South Fork with 21.   I learned a lot of the Tolt this year thanks to having friends who live along it and thus getting access to some of the water that would be a long wade otherwise.   I fished mostly two rods all year too, the Sato and the Rhodo, but did bring out the Amago once or twice during higher water.   I also hopefully helped get tenkara legal in Washington’s Fly Fishing Only Waters, we’ll see how the public comments went and what the regs look like next year.

So what’s up for 2015?   Hopefully by the time the season really opens up I’m over this infection and will be able to do some tenkara workshops and a bit of guiding.  I’m also thinking of sticking with one fly but even simplifying that to a plain old tan Amano Sakasa Kebari.  The trout don’t seem to care much for my dubbed body and tinsel rib as I found out fishing nearly destroyed kebari and still catching fish on them.   I’d also like to be able to make the Tenkara Summit in 2015, this year was just out of the cards due to my health.   I also want to get back up to the North Cascades to fish more, this year I never really left my home waters in the Snoqualmie Valley.