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Katana line review

Katana Hi-Vis Orange Line

Katana Hi-Vis Orange Line

A few weeks ago I knew this day was coming.  Our weather was turning into more typical PNW fall with 3-4 days of rain forecast and a few breaks before the next rain would start.  The rivers had been in perfect shape but I knew that by the time it cleared up again they would be higher and, with any luck, clear up before the next rains hit.   Yesterday that finally happened.  The Middle Fork, which had been fishing at about 180 cfs rose to over 800 cfs just a few days ago and then began a quick drop.  It was at 430 yesterday morning which was higher than I would prefer but it gave me the chance to test a new line out – the Katana from Moonlit Fly Fishing.

I had been wanting to fish a longer line once the rivers rose and I personally do not like level lines.   I had used  20-24′ level lines on my Amago for sea run cutthroat fishing in the Snoqualmie before and also threw a long level line at the pond at the Freestone but I was never too happy with it.  I tried an 18′ furled line from Cutthroat Leaders a few weeks ago on the Amago, it cast well on that rod but I couldn’t cast it well on the Sato.   Just in time, Brandon Moon contacts me and asks if I’d like to try out some new lines.   Oh, it comes in 20′ lengths, perfect.  When the line arrived a few days ago the rivers were brown and still going up.   I just had to wait and hope they dropped and cleared before the rains began.

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