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Help the Middle Fork

Middle Fork at Pratt Confluence

Middle Fork at Pratt Confluence

Those of you who have driven up the Middle Fork road to fish know that the road needs some serious work.  Each year it seems to get a bit worse with washboarded sections, huge ruts and potholes that could swallow a Mini.   The road was bad enough last season that I only drove all the way to the Middle Fork trailhead one day and I drive a Subaru that is made for these types of bad roads.

Well, now you can help.  I just read an article in the Snoqualmie Valley Record (one advantage of living in the valley now) about the projects going on along the Middle Fork.   Multiple recreation and conservation organizations have banded together and started a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for work on the road and trails up the Middle Fork.  You can access it on Indiegogo here.

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Simple Fly Fishing review

simpleflyfishingI was a bit skeptical of Yvon Chouinard’s new book, Simple Fly Fishing: Techniques for Tenkara and Rod & Reel,  when I saw a video trailer on YouTube showing Yvon casting a TFO tenkara rod just like a western fly rod.  I bought the book anyway as soon as it was on the iBookStore and got through it pretty quickly in a few days between unpacking boxes.

My take – this is a book on western fly fishing with a tenkara rod or a western rod & reel, not really a book about traditional tenkara.   Chouinard and company recommend short tenkara rods in the 8.5-11.5′ range, use floating level running line for lines, use 8-9′ leaders, and teach casting with a western grip.  Given the 100 or so fly patterns in the book they also do not adhere to the one-fly philosophy of tenkara.  In fact, not one fly pattern in the book is a traditional kebari, all are western fly patterns designed as attractors or hatch matchers.

The book could be good for a true novice wanting to learn about fly fishing and maybe get started with a tenkara rod but it is still too complicated for my tastes and really is about using a tenkara (or tenkara-like) rod for western fly fishing instead of embracing the true spirit of tenkara.    As for me, I’ll stick with my long tenkara rods and the two or three kebari that I use for the vast majority of my trout fishing.

Next up, the new Gierach book and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed there.