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Save a native, eat a brookie

brookiesWhen I was talking with the WDFW commissioners about allowing tenkara in the state’s Fly Fishing Only waters another idea came up in the conversation – promoting the taking of brook trout in order to help native trout species.    I know what you are thinking – but I only practice catch & release, right?  Well, I too am guilty of practicing C&R maybe to the detriment of our native cutthroat and rainbow trout.   In the last two decades I’ve probably only killed a handful of steelhead (hatchery fish of course), some pink salmon and maybe a dozen or so brook trout while out on a  backpacking trip.  This year I’m planning on getting a bit more liberal in eating brook trout and tenkara is the perfect way to catch them.

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Dream Trout

Tenkara Dreaming

Tenkara Dreamin

As some of the locals I fish with know, I’ve been dealing with a pretty nasty illness for the last few months that has had me pretty much down for the count.  My plan for the year was to start guiding and doing instruction in April but now between being sick and moving that is on hold at least for a few months.   I haven’t been able to get out much and there were a few nice days where I really wanted to get out and fish but was just unable to get out of the house.   Now the rivers are all high from the recent deluge of rains so I guess it isn’t a bad time to be housebound.

As part of this whole mess I was having a lot of trouble sleeping at nights, it seemed like my gut would just progressively get worse as  the day went on and by the time I was ready for bed it was like the Alien baby had begun trying to poke its way through my abdomen.  Needless to say, it is hard to fall asleep with that sensation going on.   I finally began visiting my favorite tenkara spots in my mind, feeling the cool water on my legs, breathing the fresh air in my lungs and imagining fishing through my favorite runs on the local rivers where I spend so much time.   Next month I’m moving onto one of these rivers and I imagined fishing the run in my backyard with the grandchildren, teaching them the ways of tenkara there.   This dream fishing would help relax me and ultimately I’d fall asleep thinking of all the tenkara fishing still to be done once I’m recovered.