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In Washington, Tenkara != Fly Fishing

protestLast week after reading a blog post on TenkaraBum I asked a question I’d never even considered before – Is Tenkara Legal?   At the time I wrote the post I wrote to WDFW to see what their take was.  I was sort of hopeful after reading some responses from Oregon and Idaho officials that were posted on Facebook.  After a week of waiting I got a response back from WDFW and it is pretty clear that in Washington tenkara is illegal in Fly Fishing Only waters.   Here is the full response. 


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New Kebari Tying Section

kebari-300When winter hit I hunkered down and got ready for tying.   I decided to start photographing and videoing all the kebari I was tying.  I then assembled it all into an iOS app for iPad and iPhone which actually had turned out pretty cool.   Apple, however, did not agree and rejected the app on the grounds that it was just a book.   Oh well, now there is a new Kebari section on the site that contains all the materials, you just don’t get the cool icon on your phone.


Is Tenkara Legal???

illegaltenkaraThis is a question I had never even thought to ask until a post appeared on Facebook this morning from the TenkaraBum blog on Fly Fishing Only regulations in New Hampshire.  Evidently the regs there require a reel as they also do in Connecticut and Pennsylvania and probably other states.   I dug out the regulations book for Washington that I generally never bother to look at.

Most of the water I fish is either designated Fly Fishing Only or Selective Gear – what do those terms mean?

Too Cold to Tenkara

Can you ice fish with tenkara?

Can you ice fish with tenkara?

It was only two weeks ago that I saw trout rising to mayflies in a local river while steelheading and actually spent a few hours mid-day with my Amago fishing on one of the forks but since then winter has taken hold and in a big way.   The whole country has been plunged into a deep freeze from the Arctic and the Pacific Northwest is no exception.  While we get a few cold days each year I’ve never seen a solid week with temps hovering below or just above freezing for the highs.   Yesterday I woke up to the coldest temperature I’ve seen here – 9°.  It did get up to about 24° by mid-day which I guess would be a warm front for much of the country.    I feel like I’m stuck in the town from Disney’s Frozen which I saw with my granddaughter last Sunday just before this front moved in.

After our perfect summer and a fall that lasted well into late October/early November this has cold spell has taken some getting used to.  This two weeks is the longest period I’ve gone without tenkara fishing since I took it up in the spring, I think I’m starting to suffer from withdrawal.  Not only is it too cold for tenkara, it is too cold for any fishing except for the extremely deranged.  A friend and I had a steelhead trip planned on the legendary Skagit this coming week and the guide actually wants to cancel – it is that cold out.  PNW steelhead guides are a notoriously tough bunch who like to keep you in the deepest shade or heaviest rain all day when it is already cold and nasty out but this blast has proven too much for them.   And to think that winter is still officially two weeks away…